Wednesday, 21. November 2012

based on meego, sailfish is the first real open source mobile operating system that also runs android apps thanks to myriads alien dalvik.  the Qt swipe UI allows to swipe away apps and push them to the multitasking homescreen where the app will act as interactive widget. an application drawer lives underneath the homescreen and can be accessed via swipe up. as seen in meego, the lock screen shows notifications and allows quick-access to the camera, phone, profiles and more with a swipe down. swiping away an app half way allows a glance at the homescreen and whats going on there without leaving the app.  

jolla plans to launch the first sailfish phones in the second quarter of 2013.



Presenting Jolla

Jolla Sailfish OS Keynote at Slush Event in Helsinki

Hands On – UI Preview



Detailed UI Preview

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