typeX-press Filebrowser “standalone”

Wednesday, 9. May 2012

In the last few days i found some time to work on the typeX-press Filebrowser again.

I made a standalone version of the filebrowser. It still has the full usermanagment and all the other features except the file editing feature. I fixed o lot of bugs and added some useful features like “download folder as zip” or a little image gallery (work in progress)

Filebrowser – Features:

  • Folderlist
  • Breadcrumb Navigation 
  • DragAndDrop Files (move, copy) 
  • Create Folder
  • Rename Folder/File 
  • Delete Folder/File 
  • File Uploader (Ajax, Resize Images Before Upload)
  • Sort Columns (by Name, Size, Date) 
  • Show proper Filesize/Filetime information
  • Download folder as .zip file (subdirectories included)
  • Fancybox jquery image slideshow
  • Imagepreview on mouseover
  • resizeable UI elements
  • Image Gallery (Fancybox, Rotate Images,…) 
  • Usermanager (add/delete/rename)
  • Configuration Panel (configure tp-filebrowser and tp-uploader)

> download 

 ( latest version: 1.1  )




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