Nokia N9 – Install Fennec aka Firefox mobile

Wednesday, 2. November 2011

first of all you need to activate the development mode in system settings, that allows you to install “non market” packages from different sources. you can now gain root access to your device with the command:   devel-su  (the default root password is “rootme”)

then you have to activate the following source: (if you like you can simply write it in your /etc/apt/sources.list file)

deb harmattan/sdk free non-free

or..   you activate this source by installing this package:

(tap on it in your webbrowser or download and install it with “dpkg -i packagename”)

fennec has some dependencies that can be solved with the help of this repository. to anticipate installation problems install libpango before you install fennec:

apt-get install libpango1.0-0

(you may have to run apt-get update first)

now you are ready to install fennec!

download it from here:

or directly go to:   and touch the file

(if something goes wrong or you have other dependency problems try “apt-get -f install” to solve those problems)


one last tip from the meego forum:

in nightly Firefox sync service logging is enabled in heavy TRACE or DEBUG mode. It’s better to switch it off (unless you debug sync), because heavy I/O drains too much energy.

You can set (in about:config)

both to false to disable logging, or play around with appender level keys, and set them to ERROR.

and of course… a screenshot (with flash content ^^ )

2 Responses to “Nokia N9 – Install Fennec aka Firefox mobile”

  1. FunkSpunk Says:

    Flash, what the hell… i installed it and there is no flash plugin for the fennec version. Any idea how did you run flash content?

  2. FunkSpunk Says:

    And to mention, i installed it on PR1.1 and didnt have to activate the repository or install libpango.