(KDE) Kate syntax highlighting sucks !!

Sunday, 24. July 2011

obviously there is no other way to speed up kate than avoiding looooong lines (gt than ~1000 characters)

kate sucks hard when it comes to long lines and there is nothing the developers can do about it, because it’s an issue of QT – so nokia (or digia ) will have to fix that…

so rather than writing one single line (opening a jquery minimized library will kill kate if you are lucky) you should write something like that:

countrylist =[
[“AS”,”AF”,”AFG”,”4″,”Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of”],
[“EU”,”AL”,”ALB”,”8″,”Albania, Republic of”],
[“AN”,”AQ”,”ATA”,”10″,”Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)”],
[“AF”,”DZ”,”DZA”,”12″,”Algeria, People’s Democratic Republic of”],
[“OC”,”AS”,”ASM”,”16″,”American Samoa”],
[“EU”,”AD”,”AND”,”20″,”Andorra, Principality of”],
[“AF”,”AO”,”AGO”,”24″,”Angola, Republic of”]


let’s hope for a quick fix (there is no such problem in older kde 3 versions of kate)

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