cool cows on ice

Tuesday, 14. April 2015

i just released my first html5 android game (ever)


it is called “cool cows on ice” and features a cow (obviously) and some crazy kamikaze penguins that may, or may not help you finish a level…

you can touch and hold the cow and then throw it as precisely as you can into the target area.

the game is build completely with the amazing phaser.js framework and p2 physics
i used crosswalk 10 and intel xdk to package it
it also has ads (one interstitial in the menu – only once) and non-intrusive banners in the score screen – and the option to remove them
almost all the graphics and animations are created in gimp
the audio tracks are composed by good friend of mine (dj körner)

here is a screenshot:


and here the promo video :

cool cows on ice (google playstore)


thx for downloading and rating 🙂

minimize you js files with closure-compiler

Tuesday, 7. April 2015

closure-compiler is part of every modern linux distribution. if it’s not installed hit “sudo apt install closure-compiler” in a terminal and press enter 🙂


to minimize your js file you can now write:

closure-compiler --js game.js --js_output_file game.min.js --language_in ES5 --compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS

this will minify your javascript file named “game.js” and store it as “game.min.js” in the same folder

the –language part makes sure that it runs through (in my case) even with some “reserved” names as custom variable names..   (i am using the phaser framework and “static” for example is a common (otherwise not allowed) name for an attribute)


using advanced_optimations instead of simple_optimations would lead to a more obfuscated output but is not working properly if you include several other js files because it’s heavily renaming everything – starting with classes, methods, attributes, etc.