Unity? No it’s not – it’s KDE Plasma Desktop

Saturday, 24. March 2012

This is just a little bit of unity in kde but since kde is configurable to the max you may choose the level of similarity on your own…  There even is “takeoff” launcher, krunner and a HUD – like plugin in development. (And a bunch of other useful widgets for your enjoyment )

I still don’t understand why canonical is using gnome as their base instead of kde..  here is just an other video that shows off kde’s capabilities to mimic unity right out of the box. (but rockstable 😉 )


Help them to exceed their goal

Wednesday, 21. March 2012



Kdenlive is one of the greatest video editors out there… its free… its open source.. it just..  great!

The kdenlive team is collecting money for being able to work on their video editing software fulltime..  all you need is a paypal account or a credit card and you are ready to help.

If you love kdenlive as much as i do..  spend at least a few beers or a pizza to make the coding more fun 🙂



ps:  had some problems with paypal but there it is .. wow… they already have more than 5000.–  

How to speed up persistent Kubuntu USB LIVE installation

Wednesday, 7. March 2012

long story short:

  • DO NOT use the persistent file!  set up an explicit partition formatted with ext4, labeled casper-rw
  • use the following boot parameters in your /syslinux/syslinux.cfg on the first partition (all in one line):


append noprompt floppy=off cdrom-detect/try-usb=true boot=casper persistent locale=en_US.UTF-8 file=/cdrom/preseed/custom.seed initrd=/casper/initrd.gz live-media-path=/casper/ quiet splash ignore_uuid --

This does not iron out the problem with the /dev/sr0 message (you could try to disable the floppy in your bios to get rid of this messages) it also leaves the ssl random generator error message and other contradictions you’ll get while using casper and the persistent mode (nothing serious – just not as clean as it could be) but it boots faster than windows7 on my test machines and the kde start, which needs more than 4 reeeeeaaaallly long minutes when using a casper-rw FILE is almost as fast as you would expect it on a hdd install. (still nothing compared to my sdd install ^^)

i would appreciate some ideas for enhancements from someone with more insight on this matter




PS:  my   syslinux.cfg